Virtual visit of Jellie Tots...

'The reason my husband and I chose Jellie Tots nursery in Twickenham was because of the warm, friendly and experienced staff and the wonderful setting with the large outdoor area. As both our boys need lots of space to explore and go on adventures, Jellie Tots nursery was the perfect place for them.The staff ensure all the activities are interesting, stimulating and fun. 
Shapla and her lovely team have been so wonderful in supporting us with the challenges of our son Rafferty's speech and language difficulties and have always been there with fabulous advice. 
Thank you all so much. We will all really miss being part of the fabulous Jellie Tots nursery family.'


Parent's Experiences

'I'm so glad I picked Jellie Tots nursery in Twickenham for my son. They gave him the best start in life possible after spotting that he was on the autism spectrum before we as (first time) parents realised anything was wrong. Their early intervention meant we were able to access the right support for him as soon as possible. As a result he has come on in leaps and bounds and is now positively thriving in a mainstream reception class. Jellie Tots have a wonderfully inclusive approach towards all their children and a positive, supportive attitude towards parents. Shapla in particular was a real rock for me through the sometimes difficult journey in to the alien world of SEN. My family and I will always be hugely grateful to her and the rest of her team for their help and guidance and most of all their brilliant work with our son.'                               

'My daughter, Jess, started Jellie Tots Pre-school nursery Twickenham in September. We had looked at other preschools but JT stood out to us as it has an environment unlike other places: welcoming, fun and inclusive. 

The flexible and accommodating approach has been a huge support specifically during the settling-in period where we were encouraged to visit and enjoy free play sessions. This benefitted us greatly as we got a better idea of the routine and gave Jess a chance to connect with staff and make new friends.'


'Both of my daughters have attended Jellie Tots nursery in Twickenham, and it has been wonderful for both of them, despite their very different personalities.  My older daughter was extremely anxious and found it difficult to socialise with the other children at first, but the Jellie Tots nursery staff coped with her brilliantly and really helped increase her confidence and social skills.  My younger daughter is naturally confident and care free, and Jellie Tots nursery did a fantastic job of keeping her stimulated with fun activities.  Although very different, Jellie Tots nursery suited them both so much that we made the decision to keep them both there until they started reception, rather than sending them to one of the local school nurseries.  The child/adult ratio is very good (which I felt important for my anxious older daughter), and unlike the school nurseries you can choose how many days you attend (we didn't want our younger daughter to be doing 5 mornings as she is a summer baby and would only just have turned 3 when she started a school nursery). A fantastic nursery in Twickenham with many advantages.'


Daily Routine


The team at Jellie Tots nursery in Twickenham have been just amazing right from the very beginning. I found it so hard to find a place for my son where he was happy and content and was ok to be without me.  He was very attached to me and therefore his anxiety levels in the initial stages were very high.  Previous to Jellie Tots nusery, I had tried a few nurseries, none of which I felt were right for both him and me.  From the start, the team at Jellie Tots nursery were so re-assuring, helpful, professional and consistent with my son.  The settling in period was crucial for my son and this was done with such care and support as well as personalised for my child, making the transitions much easier and calm.  They were so patient and supportive towards me too.  Really good lines of communication on how he was getting on and what kind of a morning he had had etc were all crucial in the confidence that this was going so well.  He has been there 4 months and he is so happy.  He runs in and bounces out, every day is positive.  There is a lovely range of activities they do, from cooking to making and lots of interesting play!  He talks about each one of the teachers in such a happy way.  I have also seen great developmental growth in his speech, his social interaction and his communication skills.  I could never thank the team  enough for the great start they have given our son.  Thank you so much to all the girls who work so hard at Jellie Tots nursery.

9.10            Registration – children arrive, self register and go straight to activities inside.


9.30 –11.45 Free play/Focus time – children have free flow between the inside and outside play areas.  They are encouraged to choose and organize their activities and tidy up after themselves.

Focus time – adult led activities in which the children play in small groups on one to one with staff.


10.00         Children help cut up the fruit they have brought in to share.  Fruit and bread and butter are available for children to help themselves between 10.00 and 11.15.  Drinks are available throughout the session.


11.15           Children help to put away the toys outside.  Activities continue inside.


11.45          Tidy up time – children and staff work together to put all the toys away.


11.55          Whole group time – stories, songs, rhymes and music and movement.


12.20          Home time – children are given their belongings and sit in the quiet area to wait for their names to be called.